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Your health and safety are our top priorities especially now during the pandemic and as result we have made some changes.

Please be sure to take a moment and read the following:          

  • If you or anyone close to you are feeling sick (fever, running nose, cough, vomiting , or diarrhea)  please call our office to reschedule.   

  • Anyone (children included) entering the office must wear a mask and will have their temperature taken.  Refusal to wear a mask will result in rescheduling the appointment. 

  • Remember, we are all in this together.

    ALL patients seen (ortho and pedo) are required to complete digital patient forms.

  • Forms are NOT reviewed by a clinical staff member UNTIL you arrive for the appointment time.  If you have questions in regards to keeping this appointment please call the office 860-633-5246.    

    • Form #1   Child Patient Form Under 18   

    •  Families with more THAN 1 child being seen the same day may complete this form (once) and list all children being seen.   

    • Form #2   Child Health & COVID Update (one per child)     

    • Form #3  Adult 18+ Patient

    • Form #4  Adult 18+ Health & COVID Update 

    • Form #5   Orthodontic patients

      Each visit must complete the COVID Questionnaire (ONLY) 

      We require ALL forms completed 24 hours PRIOR to your visit to avoid delay or rescheduling.  * We apologize, unfortunately the form system will not provide a confirmation at the end of the submission.  

    • However, since we are unable to see you without the completed forms, staff will ONLY call you if we have not received them. 

      Patient Forms

  •  Virtual or tele dentistry appointments are considered billable visits by the insurance carriers and are subject to copays, deductibles, and frequency limitations. Please be sure to check with your carrier to review your plan coverages.  You will be given a virtual appointment time and provide us with the best phone number for the dentist to call you at the appointed time. 

Important things you need to know about your visit:

  • When you arrive, please refer to the signs posted OUTSIDE of our building.

  • Please DO NOT ENTER our office! 

  • Stay in your car and text the patient name to the number listed to let us know you are here.
  • A member of our team will first call you to verbally review the COVID-19 questions and then instruct when to come in and greet you at the door.
  • Please enter wearing your mask.  We will take your temperature and have you sanitize your hands at the door prior to escorting you to the treatment areas.
  • We are encouraging patients to come into the office on their own.  If you must come in with your child, we ask that only ONE adult come in for that visit.

  • Please maintain social distancing staying 6 feet apart from others and from touching common spaces while in our office.  

  • Check out including making of future appointments and collecting for services may need to be completed from your car depending on the number of people in the building at one time to maintain social distancing. 

  • We accept only credit card or check payments at this time to avoid handling cash.

  • We will be wearing N95's, surgical masks, goggles, shields, gowns, head coverings and gloves.  Please talk with your child and prepare them so they are not scared.    

  • As directed by the ADA and CDC, we have restricted the use of electric powered hand tools that can spray aerosols into the air and potentially spread infection. All full-service cleanings are being conducted by our skilled hygienists using trained hand techniques including hand scaling, tooth brushing and tooth flossing for an equally bright and healthy outcome.   Your child will be given their new tooth brush used during their cleaning to take home. Standard X-rays, fluoride treatments and dental exams are also provided. 

  • We have implemented a minimal fee per patient per dental visit for PPE (personal protective equipment). See below for more on PPE

  • The beloved TOY machine has been removed for the time being.   Children will receive a dental goodie bag at the end of the visit and will be allowed to choose one toy offered at our front desk.  The Toy machine will return once it is safe again.  

  • Kindly brush and floss before your appointment.  Our brushing stations will be closed.

  • We strictly follow all guidelines of the CDC, OSHA, ADA and the state of Connecticut.  Please refer to their websites for complete information.

Commonly asked questions:

1. What changes were made to the office to help prevent the spread of COVID-19?

  • We have added plexiglass barriers at the front desk, barriers in the orthodontic bay, a virtual check in and check out contactless process, upgraded air filtration throughout the office to clean the air of viruses and bacteria, hand sanitizing stations and temperature check points for patients and parents.

2. What are you wearing for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)?

  • We have always adhered to the highest standards of infection control.  However, now we have new mandates that include the following: N95 respirators for all clinical staff, surgical masks that cover the N95 respirators, surgical gowns, surgical head coverings, eye protection, gloves and face shields.  Our administrative staff will be wearing face masks. 

3. Why do you charge a PPE fee for all dental visits?

  • Dentists are currently not part of the federal or state supply chain for PPE.  Yet in order to provide care to patients, we are mandated to use N95 respirators for all clinical staff, surgical masks to cover those, surgical gowns, surgical head coverings and full-face shields. 

  • These are difficult to source.  We are responsible for sourcing our own PPE and in this current environment, it is very costly and difficult to acquire.  This is very much beyond the normal cost of doing business.  Some insurance companies have recognized the extreme pandemic PPE burden on dental offices and for limited time will be covering the fee.  The American Dental Association has called for dental insurance companies to adjust their fees to account for the increasing cost of PPE across the board while we are in this pandemic. 

  • The standard PPE charge in the dental industry is currently between $10-$20 per dental visit.   Note that this fee will not apply to orthodontic visits. 

4.  Why can't you just increase your fees to account for the extra cost of PPE?

  • This is a complicated answer that requires some understanding of insurance reimbursement policies.  Rarely do insurance companies reimburse the actual fees billed.  Usually the agreed upon fees received are lower than the fees charged. If we decide to increase a fee, the insurance company will not increase what they pay us.  Insurance companies generally do not negotiate fees on a yearly basis.  Many will only consider increasing reimbursement within contracts, every couple of years.

5.  Why is only one parent/adult allowed in the office with their child for a visit?
  • While we have always loved having our families together in the office,  during this pandemic, we are practicing social distancing as a method to mitigate the spread of Covid 19.  Offices have been instructed by federal and state authorities that they must decrease the number of people in their space at any one time.  We are adhering to this policy by staggering patient appointments, spacing out providers and patients throughout the office, and allowing only one parent/adult with a child per visit.

6.  How are you trying to enforce social distancing in your office?
  • We have closed our waiting room to avoid large groups and instead we ask each family to wait to be called in from your car.

  • We are limiting the number of adults accompanying a patient into the office to one.  We are encouraging patients to come into the office on their own.

  • We are using digital forms ( no paper, pens or clip boards) that are required to be completed prior to the visit.  Check in will be from your car.   Once you arrive you will call the number listed on our building to announce your arrival. A member from the staff will call you to enter once we are ready to start your visit.  Please be sure to keep your phone line open and available so you do not miss it.

    We are positioning providers apart from one another throughout the office.

  • Our schedules and appointments have been staggered in order to limit the number of people in the treatment spaces

  • We are utilizing tele dentistry for many emergencies, new patient visits, and orthodontic consults.

  • Staff and patients are required to wear masks at all possible times.

  • We are staggering our staff hours and lunches.

7.  How do we know you and your staff are healthy during this time?
  • Staff have strict procedures that they must adhere to present for work.  Each morning they answer a series of Covid 19 screening questions and have their temperature taken and logged prior to reporting to the clinical areas.  

  • Any staff member that is feeling sick is asked to stay home.

8. Why are we being asked the Covid 19 screening questions and filling out questionnaires?
  • Current federal and state mandates require dental offices to screen all patients via a questionnaire WITHIN 24 hours of their scheduled appointment and once again right before treatment. 

  • We kindly ask that in the event you develop Covid 19 symptoms or test positive shortly after visiting with us, please notify the office.


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