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MASKS are still REQUIRED while inside our office.


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 A special message the families we care for:

Our dentists, hygienists, clinical and administrative staff have all been vaccinated and received a booster against COVID-19, as recommended by the CDC for healthcare providers.  Safety remains our top priority.

Smiles provides elective and routine dental care to our patients.  This requires the removal of the patients mask for the duration of the procedure(s) up to 30-60 minutes which may increase the risk of possible airborne exposure to others around them.

Our patients are primarily the pediatric population and depending on age may or may not have yet been vaccinated against COVID-19.  In addition, some children may have autoimmune deficiencies possibly making them more susceptible to contracting the virus if exposed. 

We kindly ask that if you or anyone close to you has tested POSITIVE for COVID-19 in the last 10 days, are actively quarantining or isolating and/or feeling sick (fever, running nose, sore throat, cough or vomiting) to please reschedule.  


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Our dentists have received specialized training to efficiently treat patients with complex medical needs or dental phobias in an inpatient or outpatient hospital setting.

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Invisalign straightens teeth using a series of customized clear aligners. The aligners are virtually invisible, which means you can straighten your teeth without anyone knowing.

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Our professional doctors and staff provide quality, compassionate care to children with special medical, behavioral or physical disabilities. We fully understand the needs of these patients.